Tag: Getting Started

  • Landing Page

    How to create an effective landing page?

    A landing page is a very important element of successful internet marketing. Therefore, it must be properly thought out. In this article, you will learn how to create the perfect landing page and learn about solutions that are worth using. What is a landing page? It’s a simple website with no menus, tabs, or other […]

  • Business website

    How to create a website for a company?

    Creating a website for your business seems like the obvious thing to do. Thanks to it, you will have a place to share information, establish contacts with customers or sell your products or services. It sounds simple in theory. But in practice, creating a website can be a challenge. Check how to set up a […]

  • Business website

    Why your business needs a website

    A website is now an indispensable element of any business. Thanks to it, you can constantly develop your business. What other benefits does a company website bring? If you make sure that your company’s website is properly built in accordance with good practices, it will become an excellent marketing and sales tool supporting the daily […]

  • Effective website

    Effective website for the company – How to build a business website

    A website is an important element for any business. Thanks to it, we build trust, we can engage recipients, increase sales of our products / services, show the portfolio of projects and customer opinions. What should be done in order for the company website to be made correctly? What to look for? The most important […]

  • Modern website

    A modern website for the company – everything you need to know

    A corporate website is today the basis of running a business. In order for a website to be effective and attract customers, it must be properly designed. A modern, clear and readable website for the company will be a solid foundation for further activities in the field of marketing, sales and customer service. What elements […]

  • Website for business – how to get clients

    Your company’s website is a great marketing and sales tool supporting everyday business operations. A company website is a place where you should present what you do in the best possible way, present your products or services. We suggest what elements and techniques will make a company’s website allow you to acquire clients and promote […]

  • business-website

    How to build a business website

    Your website is the showcase of your company. Find out how to build a fully effective and functional website based on the WordPress system. Why WordPress? Thanks to this system, you can quickly create a website for your company, an interesting blog or an attractive landing page. Having your own place on the web, it […]

  • WordPress website: is it for me?

    WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that enables creating websites even for non-developers. With it, you can establish your online shop, blog, or landing page without spending a fortune. In this article, we answer the most important questions. Is WordPress free? Yes. It is an open-source system you can use for free. Is WordPress […]

  • Where to buy domain and hosting? [Our honest recommendation]

    A domain and hosting are indispensable elements of the website. They are responsible for the website address and database storage. The website cannot function without them. Here is where our recommendation on where to buy domain and hosting. Domain for WordPress There are many providers where you can buy a domain. The domain is a […]

  • How much does WordPress cost?

    WordPress is an open-source software to create a beautiful website, blog, or app. It is a Content Management System (CMS) that helps you design, edit, and set up things without any coding. But, is a single CMS system enough to start a website? How much does the WordPress website cost (really)? WordPress cost To create […]

  • How to start a WordPress blog

    We search on the Internet for the answer to almost everything. Christmas cookies recipes, gift ideas for Dad, how to haircut my husband. And a major part of the answers is found in blogs. Here is how to start a WordPress blog with Astratic theme. How to start a WordPress blog [and why use CMS?] […]

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