Effective website for the company – How to build a business website

Effective website

A website is an important element for any business. Thanks to it, we build trust, we can engage recipients, increase sales of our products / services, show the portfolio of projects and customer opinions. What should be done in order for the company website to be made correctly? What to look for?

The most important elements that will make your website for the company visually attractive and effective:

Responsive website for your company

The home page always has to make a great first impression. It should be taken into account that many users visit it from mobile devices, so you need to make it responsive. Responsiveness means readability and functionality also on small screens, which was ensured in the Astratic theme.

The header of the company page

The header is responsible for the navigation elements through which the user can go to other subpages of the website. The header should contain a legible menu, logo and company name, and in the case of an online store, elements such as a basket. It is good practice to use a sticky menu. This is a function that “holds” the top bar with the logo and navigation menu in place while the user scrolls the web page. When this option is turned off, the menu is also scrolled, so to click anything on the menu, you or your customer will have to go back to the top of the page.

Website footer

Footer Located at the bottom, it contains the most important data and redirects to other subpages. It is often separated from the rest of the page by graphics or color. What can be put in the footer?

Remember to be moderate in placing information in the footer. Too much footer content causes unnecessary distraction and confusion for the customer.

The “hero” section that catches the eye of the audience

The “hero” section is visible immediately after entering a given website. What should it include? The most important elements are the headline (telling what the page is about), the headline (adding context), the background graphics (consistent with the brand), and the CTA button (containing a clear and short call to action).

CTA – an essential element of the company website

Call to Action, i.e. a call to action aimed at persuading the user to a specific reaction, e.g. going to the contact form, submitting an inquiry, subscribing to the newsletter. CTAs are distinguished by a distinctive color and placed where they can be easily seen.

Customer testimonials

Publishing customer recommendations is a way to gain the trust of your website visitors. Testimonials can be presented in various forms, such as a quote with a photo of the author.

Implementation gallery on the website

Another way to gain trust in the eyes of potential clients is to present completed projects. It is worth reaching for mockups, i.e. ready-made visualizations that allow for an effective presentation of completed projects.

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