How to build a business website


Your website is the showcase of your company. Find out how to build a fully effective and functional website based on the WordPress system.

Why WordPress? Thanks to this system, you can quickly create a website for your company, an interesting blog or an attractive landing page. Having your own place on the web, it is easier to prepare content that will answer the questions of potential clients and convince them to use our service or product.

Business website – how to start?

First, choose a domain, hosting and WordPress theme for your company website.

Domain – address of the website, eg “”. It should be simple, short and professional (it should include your company name).

Hosting – a server where all data related to your website is stored.

WordPress theme – the element that is responsible for the look and expandability of the website. In this case, we have a lot of possibilities. Some themes are free (they will work for a simple website or blog), some paid (they have many more possibilities, such as the Astratic theme created by us, which is also regularly updated. This increases the security of the website).

Website content plan

It is worth building a detailed plan of the company’s website content at the very beginning. Determine what the website is to be used for, what business goals it should meet. Prepare texts, logos, slogans, as well as photos, graphics or videos that will be posted on your website. If you don’t have your own visual materials, you can take advantage of free online galleries.

How to design a website for your business?

With the help of the WordPress block editor – Gutenberg, you will be able to prepare a great looking website without knowledge of code. In Gutenberg, the basis of content creation is blocks of various types: they can contain text, a headline, an image and other elements. The available elements include practically everything you need to build a website for your business. You just need to get acquainted with this tool and the options it offers.

Blok Gutenberga- media&text
Blok Gutenberga - cover
Bloki Gutenberga
Blok Gutenberga - Columns

Sample Gutenberg editor blocks

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