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  • WordPress website: is it for me?

    WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that enables creating websites even for non-developers. With it, you can establish your online shop, blog, or landing page without spending a fortune. In this article, we answer the most important questions. Is WordPress free? Yes. It is an open-source system you can use for free. Is WordPress […]

  • Where to buy domain and hosting? [Our honest recommendation]

    A domain and hosting are indispensable elements of the website. They are responsible for the website address and database storage. The website cannot function without them. Here is where our recommendation on where to buy domain and hosting. Domain for WordPress There are many providers where you can buy a domain. The domain is a […]

  • How much does WordPress cost?

    WordPress is an open-source software to create a beautiful website, blog, or app. It is a Content Management System (CMS) that helps you design, edit, and set up things without any coding. But, is a single CMS system enough to start a website? How much does the WordPress website cost (really)? WordPress cost To create […]

  • How to start a WordPress blog

    We search on the Internet for the answer to almost everything. Christmas cookies recipes, gift ideas for Dad, how to haircut my husband. And a major part of the answers is found in blogs. Here is how to start a WordPress blog with Astratic theme. How to start a WordPress blog [and why use CMS?] […]

  • Free photos for your WordPress website or blog

    Every kind of visual element has an enormous impact on how the website (or brand) is received. It means colors, buttons, photos, videos, etc. It is a quick tip on where to find free photos and how to use them on your website. Website design We gathered more information about web designing in this article. […]

  • WordPress Gutenberg: top advantages of new content editor

    WordPress Gutenberg editor is probably the most controversial part of this CMS system. It has its lovers and haters. We definitely belong to the first group. There are three arguments which we hope to convince you to try this editor. Advantages of WordPress Gutenberg editor Gutenberg was launched as a build-in editor in WordPress from […]

  • Business website design with Astratic theme

    As we knew from the beginning, the Astratic theme is perfectly suited for entrepreneurs. With build-in options, content editor and single post/achieve view settings it is easy and intuitive. Here is how utilized its power to business website design. Brand image: colors and design elements How the brand is perceived is the main part of […]

  • Creating a business website with WordPress

    Astratic is a business theme designed for entrepreneurs and solopreneurs. If you think about creating a business website with WordPress by yourself in a matter of hours we are here to help! WordPress for business website In 2020, pandemic reality changed the obstacles the business is facing. Now, the product must be heard and searchable […]

  • Organizing WordPress blog content: good practices

    Starting a WordPress blog is more challenging than it seems. It deserves a concrete and deep analytical work to be done. Here is how to prepare your content strategy to answer your target audience needs. Analysis and WordPress blog strategy To make your website/blog searchable we need three elements: the valuable and actual content net […]

  • Creating own page templates

    Create a page template Blade template engine Template activation in the theme Post and archive templates I don’t want to use the blade template engine Create template parts Remember not to edit or add files to the main theme. Any changes to the main theme will be overwritten and lost when the theme is updated. […]

  • wordpress plugins

    Recommended plugins for WordPress

    When you start your website your goal is to design it perfectly. For sure – your customer is the first one who needs to like it. Here is how to make it searchable, well-optimized, and more useful. Below you will find a list of recommended plugins that are used for WordPress websites. ESSENTIALS Google Site […]

  • WordPress security: dos and don’ts

    We’ve been building websites since 2009. WordPress security is always our priority. That is why in this article we have created a set of good and bad practices so that every website administrator can take better care of their website. WordPress security: how to protect my website? Here are some gold practices to keep your […]

  • Neura_pro_wordpress_theme

    What are the advantages of the Astratic theme?

    Astratic is a WordPress theme based on the Gutenberg editor and dedicated to online business. We’ve included everything we’ve learned in over 10 years of building websites in this simple toolkit. What is the Astratic theme? By creating hundreds of websites, we have learned a lot about existing themes. We know that extensive functionalities are […]

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