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Astratic is a business theme designed for entrepreneurs and solopreneurs. If you think about creating a business website with WordPress by yourself in a matter of hours we are here to help!

WordPress for business website

In 2020, pandemic reality changed the obstacles the business is facing. Now, the product must be heard and searchable more than ever. In noisy crowds of competitors and among horrific news it is far more difficult to reach the target audience.

One of our clients came to us with the exact problem.

She is a Yoga instructor who from March lives in constant uncertainty. Subsequent restrictions took back her ability to work and earn money, so she decided to switch to online world. With and idea to create online yoga course and yoga classes she asked for our help.

Online marketing and digital products

Our client knew that yoga, health, taking care about ourselves is a key step to stay calm. She was aware that her students needs her, but couldn’t break the law. With more and more recommendations and encouragements she launched her website. First – for current students.

We used Astratic theme for designing her simple, lightweight, and functional website. We advised her with SEO analytics (how to choose key phrases to attract visitors to her website and offer). She created a schedule for Zoom individual lessons and created a subscription plan for an online live yoga course.

And now? She is calm about the future.

Why business need website?

This example is the best explanation why business need website. It helps to:

If you are just starting, you have to know that content is far more important than design. Both are part of the whole but the content is the one that works for rankings and search results. More about creating content strategy we wrote in this article. You don’t have to be graphically equipped, enough if you will take care of the subject.

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