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Every kind of visual element has an enormous impact on how the website (or brand) is received. It means colors, buttons, photos, videos, etc. It is a quick tip on where to find free photos and how to use them on your website.

free photos website business commercial use

Website design

We gathered more information about web designing in this article. There we explained how to create your own color palette and use colors to build a brand image. It is a continuation of the topic.

Free stock photo libraries

To download free photos to use them on your website you can use one of the most famous online libraries:

There you will find photos and videos to download and use in every kind of project. Please note that photos are shared under a specific license. You need to know while they can be used for personal/commercial use.

Licenses: when the photo may be used

Copyrights are the most important issue while using someone’s work. It means photos, videos but also e.g. citation. It can differ while it comes to attribution or purpose. In every library linked above, you will find detailed information on how a particular photo can be used.

One of the most popular licenses is Creative Commons. It seeks to provide authors with the best protection of their rights while allowing the widest possible use of their works.

Web design tips

When we got thru the official part – now it’s time for dessert! Look how photos can be used with Astratic theme to create atmosphere, reflect brand values, and attract dream visitors.

Block cover: video background + citation

Column block + single column formating

Interested in using Astratic theme? Let’s talk!

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