WordPress Gutenberg: top advantages of new content editor

WordPress Gutenberg editor is probably the most controversial part of this CMS system. It has its lovers and haters. We definitely belong to the first group. There are three arguments which we hope to convince you to try this editor.

Advantages of WordPress Gutenberg editor

Gutenberg was launched as a build-in editor in WordPress from 5.0. version. It stole our hearts from the beginning. It enables creating pages/posts using visual blocks that make any editorial work super-easy. What else we find useful? Here is a study.


In the new editor settings options have been radically limited. The available changes are font size, font color, and background color. They are located just in one place. It can be irritating for those who had trillions of editorial options in the previous editor. After one month of using Gutenberg editor, we guarantee: 99% of users will appreciate this new approach.

But it is just first impression. Full range of possibilities are hidden a little bit deeper.


The Gutenberg editor has a great user experience. A simple form releases powerful well-thought-out possibilities. Why we find it so intuitive? It manifests in:

Group can be formed by selecting adjacent blocks. It helps to get to additional functions and extend possibilities of web design. Look at the example – it is nothing more than column and group setup:

It is what we call “hidden” options. They are find-able after going deeper into the editor. You can change options from a few different perspectives: single block, group, or each element (e.g. column or row).

Technical prowess

We know that changes are always a little bit challenging. When we need to switch to another tool, program, or editor it requires a certain amount of time to learn. The Gutenberg editor in its first release wasn’t perfectly polished as it is now. Maybe this first impression discouraged WordPress users from using it.

Even though it is constantly improved and expanding, we find it the best content editor in the market. It’s free, simple, lightweight, and enjoyable.

WordPress Gutenberg vs. other editors

We all have our own habits. If something used to be used for years – it is difficult to switch. The most important argument for trying is this: Gutenberg editor was made by WordPress developers themselves. It means that sooner or later there won’t be a better solution. This editor is the most technically matched with WordPress. And now is the best time to switch and give it another chance! You can use our Gutenberg-powered premium theme Astratic 😉

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