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  • WooCommerce

    How to make an Ecommerce website with WordPress

    If you are wondering what tools to choose to build your own online store, consider the WordPress and WooCommerce duo. WordPress is the most popular website development system. With WordPress, you can build virtually any website, including an online store. It is possible thanks to WooCommerce. What is WooCommerce? WooCommerce is a plugin dedicated to […]

  • Company Website on the WordPress platform

    Company website on the WordPress platform

    WordPress platform is a great engine for building business-class tools. It doesn’t matter if it’s a corporate website, landing page or online store. Here is a brief overview of the benefits of this system. With WordPress, you can quickly and efficiently create a website for your business. What are the platform’s greatest advantages? Easy-to-use WordPress […]

  • WordPress

    Learning WordPress: How to get started creating customer website

    WordPress is a great tool for creating professional websites quickly and efficiently. How to start your adventure with this system? Who to start learning WordPress from? These are questions that many website owners ask themselves. Getting started as a website builder can seem complicated at first. If you have no idea about programming and creating […]

  • Free photos for your WordPress website or blog

    Every kind of visual element has an enormous impact on how the website (or brand) is received. It means colors, buttons, photos, videos, etc. It is a quick tip on where to find free photos and how to use them on your website. Website design We gathered more information about web designing in this article. […]

  • Creating a business website with WordPress

    Astratic is a business theme designed for entrepreneurs and solopreneurs. If you think about creating a business website with WordPress by yourself in a matter of hours we are here to help! WordPress for business website In 2020, pandemic reality changed the obstacles the business is facing. Now, the product must be heard and searchable […]

  • wordpress plugins

    Recommended plugins for WordPress

    When you start your website your goal is to design it perfectly. For sure – your customer is the first one who needs to like it. Here is how to make it searchable, well-optimized, and more useful. Below you will find a list of recommended plugins that are used for WordPress websites. ESSENTIALS Google Site […]

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