How To Add WordPress Widgets

WordPress Widgets are pieces of content that can be added to specific areas of your site such as the sidebar or footer.

Widgets allow you to add various additional elements to your website, such as the navigation menu, social media tools, newsletter forms, search forms for the list of popular entries or recently added comments and many more. All options related to adding such items are available in the WordPress admin panel.

Where to find widgets in the WordPress admin panel?

In the admin panel, go to Appearance > Widgets

Widget tab in the WordPress admin panel

How To Add Widgets

I will show on an example – How to add a navigation menu as a widget on a page

Menu tab in the WordPress admin panel
Widgets to add the navigation menu as a WordPress website widget

This is how the navigation menu widget looks like in the footer on the website:

More about widgets on the official website WordPress. Have any questions? It there anything we can help? Write about it in the comments below ????

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