How to create a multilingual WordPress website


In today’s global internet landscape, reaching a wider audience is key to success for many websites. If you run a WordPress-based site and want to attract visitors from different parts of the world, creating a multilingual site can be a crucial step. In this guide, we will discuss the necessary steps to create a multilingual WordPress site and expand your reach.

multilingual WordPress site

Why consider a multilingual website?

Steps to create a multilingual WordPress site

The first step is to choose the right content translation plugin for your WordPress site. There are many plugins available that facilitate content translation, such as “WPML,” “Polylang,” or “TranslatePress.” Select the one that best suits your needs.

After selecting a plugin, install it on your WordPress site and proceed with its configuration. Set up the languages in which you want to make your site available and select the default language.

Next, start translating the content on your site. This includes content on pages, posts, navigation menus, contact forms, and more. Don’t forget about SEO – adjust meta tags and descriptions for each language.

To allow users to easily switch between language versions, add language switchers to your site. These can be flags, dropdown menus, or other navigational elements.

After translating content and adding language switchers, thoroughly test your site to ensure everything works correctly. Verify that content displays properly, and users can easily switch between language versions.

Continued development and translation

Creating a multilingual WordPress site is an ongoing process. You should continue to translate new content and ensure the translations stay up-to-date. Remember that different cultures may require content adjustments not only in terms of language but also in design and cultural context.


Creating a multilingual WordPress site is an excellent way to attract a wider audience and provide a better user experience. Choose the right plugin, translate content meticulously, and make sure your site is available in multiple languages. This can make your site more competitive in the international market.

Remember that making your site accessible in multiple languages is an investment in the growth of your online project, which can yield long-term benefits. So, don’t hesitate to take on the challenges of creating a multilingual WordPress site, as it’s a step toward expanding your influence and attracting a broader user base worldwide!

It’s time to start working on developing your multilingual WordPress site and gaining new readers, customers, and supporters worldwide!

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