Information bar in Astratic

This feature of Astratic theme lets you to add banner with custom information in the top section of your website. You can add any kind of short text with links or even a rich formatted HTML code, menu, latest posts or any other type of widget.

To turn it on go to Apperance > Customize > Top Bar > Information Bar:

Please note that information bar (banner) can be visible only if you mark the “Enable Information Bar” option. Below this checkbox you can set up:

  • background color,
  • text color,
  • link color
  • location (above/below navigation bar = menu)
  • devices (it can be visible only in mobile/desktop view)
  • time (how long it should be displayed)

By clicking “Enable ‘hide’ action” user will be able to hide Information Bar by clicking X icon.

Next, according to explanation, go to widget area to create Information Bar message. There you can use text, HTML code or any other widget from the list.

*Widgets area is the same location (Apperance > Customize), you need to take step back from “Astratic Top Bar” to “Widgets”. Here you will find “Information Bar Widgets”.

*Please note, that the number of widgets is limited; if you need something different, try to use Content Blocks (Custom Post Widget). With it you can create custom blocks and use them in every place of your website 🙂

How this feature can be used?

Imagine you host an important webinar. A special discount. Announcement. Or new product premiere – it all can be included in Information Bar build-in your Astratic theme.

This feature can be used:

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