Corporate visual identification – logo, fonts, colors

Corporate visual identification is an important element of building a brand’s image. Logo, fonts, and colors are tools that help a company stand out from the competition and build a strong, recognizable brand. In this article, we will discuss what elements make up a corporate visual identification and why they are important.


A logo is a graphic symbol that identifies a company and its products. A logo may consist of graphics, text, or a combination of both. It is important for a logo to be simple, easy to remember, and easy to identify. It is worth taking the time and resources to create an attractive logo because it is an element that will be visible on all of a company’s promotional materials, such as business cards, websites, flyers, or product packaging.


Choosing the right font is key to corporate visual identification. The font should be legible, consistent, and reflect the brand’s character. Therefore, it is worth investing in designing a custom font or choosing one that will be unique to our company. A good practice is to use a maximum of two different fonts that will complement each other and create a cohesive whole.


Colors are an important element of corporate visual identification. A color can evoke certain emotions, so it is worth choosing one that best suits the character of the brand. It is important that the colors are consistent on all corporate materials. The colors used in the logo and on the website should be the same as those on business cards or flyers. This way, customers will associate the brand with specific colors and will remember it more easily.


Corporate visual identification is not just a logo, fonts, and colors, but also the way these elements are related and how they are used. It is important to create a consistent, consistent visual identification that will attract customers’ attention and build a brand image. Therefore, it is worth investing in professional visual identification design or using the services of specialists who will help create a consistent brand image.

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