Version 3.8.0

Released: 24/11/23

  • Added Astratic slider component with sidebar settings
  • Changed Block Paragraph typography options default visibility in sidebar settings
  • Changed Blocks spacing options default visibility in sidebar settings

Version 3.7.0

Released: 17/11/23

  • Added button block settings for text and background hover states
  • Added options for placing button block icons
  • Button block icon settings switched from checkboxes to radio options

Version 3.6.0

Released: 14/11/23

  • Added a button block setting to apply an arrow icon after button text
  • Added a button block setting to apply a phone icon in front of the button text
  • Added option – lock animation setting for zoom effect
  • Added a new block list checkmark style
  • Added a site logo that is automatically set if no other one is provided when the theme is activated
  • Changed the accordion trigger icon in the FAQ from a chevron to a cross
  • Changed FAQs (previously active accordions would automatically collapse)
  • The list block checklist icon has been changed
  • Changed block spacing and alignment styles (List)
  • Fixed customization live preview reloading after applying custom CSS
  • Fixed footer spacing styles

Version 3.5.0

Released: 20/06/23

  • Improved updates module
  • Added the ability to select a new footer type
  • Added template: Page – untitled
  • Added new style “Minimalist Blog”
  • Added CSS class for FAQ
  • Fixed queries to
  • Added new fonts

Version 3.4.0

Released: 30/05/23

  • Fixed missing 404 template
  • Fixed color palettes
  • Fixed input colors
  • List block: Added new style
  • Disabled automatic installation and activation of Gutenberg and WordPress beta tester
  • Fixed bugs in footer template

Version 3.3.0

Released: 30/04/23

  • Fixed font color issue – Block Border
  • Fixed author font resizing issue in query loop block
  • Fixed issue with changing category font size in query loop
  • Fixed an issue with the bottom scrollbar that occurred when the browser disabled auto-hide scrollbars

Version 3.2.0

Released: 13/03/23

  • Fixed issue with footer link colors
  • Responsive settings fixed – Site editor
  • Fixed an animation issue that breaks a column block
  • Fixed an issue with the top margin in the Cover Block – Block Animation
  • Fixed issue with incorrect font size in mobile resolution for default settings – Cover Block
  • Block Social Icons – fixes
  • Reduced Astratic Blocks plugin reminders
  • Lora font added

Version 3.1.1

Released: 23/01/23

  • Fixed issue with the wrong font family – Block Navigation 
  • Fixed link font family issue – List block 
  • Fixed issue with elements in submenu

Version 3.1.0

Released: 20/12/22

  • Fixed issue with the template (part of the template was unavailable)
  • Fixed an issue with the default header block row height
  • Fixed an issue with header settings
  • Fixed link formatting issues
  • Fixed a block search issue that was destroying the menu
  • Fixed block text and link color issues in Site Editor > Group
  • Fixed block spacing issue in Site Editor > Navigation Block
  • Fixed issue with custom font in admin panel
  • Font size issue fixed – Group block
  • Fixed issue with Heading link – Query block
  • Fixed issue with Submenu – Footer
  • Added white and black colors to the content editor’s default color palette
  • Added shop icon 
  • Added WooCommerce Templates
  • Added font sizes – footer
  • Added new theme style
  • Added new font family do the theme: Open Sans

Version 3.0.3

Released: 10/11/22

  • Fixed API connection issues and naming

Version 3.0.0

Released: 08/11/22

Here are the features that came with the new major version of the Astratic theme:

  • The Astratic 3 theme is a modern theme and fully supports Full Site Editing
  • A theme adapted to Full Site Editing allows you to edit any element on the page using blocks, e.g. logo, header, footer, navigation. Moreover, it is possible to create your own layouts and templates without coding
  • The new theme is only compatible with the latest version of WordPress 6.1 which was released November 2022


Released: 16/08/22

  • Fixed a problem with the [Astratic Blocks] notification in the admin panel
  • Fixed an issue with a full width background (Astratic 2.x) in the Cover block


Released: 21/07/22

  • Installed and activated Astratic Blocks plugin after activating Astratic Theme

Version 2.1.3

Released: 06/06/22

  • Fixed a problem with the Cover Block overlay
  • Fixed a problem with multiple notices in admin panel

Version 2.1.2

Released: 23/05/22

  • Fixed issue with paragraph block font size not working in multisite
  • Fixed issue with the Cover Template(Beta) and custom classes
  • Added cover navigation – logo

Version 2.1.1

Released: 09/05/22

  • Fixed a problem with the license deactivation button

Version 2.1.0

Released: 25/04/22

  • Added woocommerce cart dynamic icon in main menu
  • Added cover navigation – basic concept
  • Added a “disable margin” option to each block – Discovery 

Version 2.0.0

Released: 11/04/22

  • Fixed “Hide on mobile” switcher in columns block
  • Fixed problem with top-margin for first elements in the container
  • Fixed problem with Custom CSS classes
  • Added theme.json support
  • Added SVG support
  • Added padding in columns with background

Version 1.11.1

Released: 31/03/22

  • Fixed problem with file uploading

Version 1.11.0

Released: 28/03/22

  • Fixed post page image bottom margin
  • Fixed full align block bottom space
  • Fixed problem in search block – button colors not working
  • Fixed errors in DevTools console
  • Added link underline color
  • Added SVG files support
  • Added checkbox and Radio button default styles
  • Changed Media & Text – full width image
  • Added footer changes
  • Added disable theme updates
  • Added button with icon

Version 1.10.0

Released: 14/03/22

  • Fixed an issue with Contact Form 7- submitting button styling for iOS devices
  • Fixed menu active button link color
  • Fixed an issue with the cover block inside the group
  • Fixed an issue with the text color in a Group block inside a Group block
  • Fixed issue with incorrect padding in frontend – Query Loop / Post Template Block
  • Fixed an issue with the URL “Powered by Astratic”
  • Fixed issue with text content padding – Media & text block
  • Fixed an issue with mobile Image size if image aligned to left or right
  • Fixed a problem with the spacer block – generates html on the frontend
  • Added custom CSS classes & Block Advanced settings switcher
  • Caption added – image block – stylization

Version 1.9.0

Released: 28/02/22

  • Fixed a problem with Astratic Spacer Block
  • Fixed the changelog to display correctly in the theme info popup
  • Fixed an issue with the Social Media Icon Block alignment
  • Fixed a problem with column spacing in the editor
  • Fixed button block outline bug
  • Fixed issue with color customization: Bright color from the editor palette was not working
  • Fixed warnings after theme activation
  • Fixed menu link Colors 
  • Fixed widget title font size
  • Fixed radio buttons inside astratic theme – WooCommerce payment options
  • Fixed a problem with button inherits color 
  • Changed current menu item – highlighting one-pager navigation menu items
  • Added new font: Source Serif Pro
  • Added checkbox to remove text from footer
  • Changed dochooks from theme
  • Added website header – Submenu links color

Version 1.8.0

Released: 14/02/22

  • Fixed styles and scripts order
  • Fixed columns block
  • Fixed problem with main font not working in the editor
  • Fixed problem with the color of the comment section header
  • Fixed image and CTA (bottom)
  • Fixed Hero Pattern
  • Added additional mobile css – Increase form size 
  • Added possibility to scroll to section
  • Added possibility to adjust the colors in the comments section
  • Added possibility to change default primary and navigation fonts to Inter
  • Added css border classes

Version 1.7.0

Released: 31/01/22

  • Fixed problem with logo scaling 
  • Fixed theme update error
  • Fixed button colors not working
  • Added Site Logo & top bar settings
  • Added „Deactivate” button in the WordPress admin panel on a license page

Version 1.6.0

Released: 18/01/22

  • Fixed problems with scripts and styles in the astratic child theme
  • Fixed problem with mobile menu freezes when anchors are linked to an section (by ID) instead of page
  • Fixed problem with child theme style.css caching
  • Fixed problem with block’s full width setting does not cover every block (some blocks get false width values)
  • Fixed problem with pattern Astratic: One column price – not centered properly
  • Fixed problem with pattern Astratic: Center Cta with two Buttons – not centered properly
  • Fixed problem with wrong links colour in the editor
  • Fixed problem with search button isn’t visible on mobile devices
  • Added the header of the post in the Category / Archive View

Version 1.5.0

Released: 23/12/21

  • Fixed recent posts widget styling
  • Fixed problem with group block margins 
  • Fixed problem with a background on frontend – Cover block
  • Fixed problem with display of the sidebar widgets
  • Added Home Page (posts) pattern (ready-to-use pattern)
  • Added possiblity to expand native blocks in Guttenberg
  • Added H1 global size for ALL headers

Version 1.4.1

Released: 29/11/21

  • Fixed problem with Gutenberg editor overload by admin.js function
  • Fixed render problem with checkbox/radio input on Firefox
  • Fixed text colours in Group block

Version 1.4.0

Released: 08/11/21

  • Fixed problem with the Customizer styles
  • Fixed problem with the “Media & text” block inside Group block
  • Fixed margins in Columns and Group blocks
  • Added visual improvements in the search field
  • Added colors management in the Query Block
  • Added new widget area on single post after content
  • Added possibility to customize a post thumbnail and breadcrumbs through Customizer
  • Added possibility to place navigation bar below logo

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