Where to buy domain and hosting? [Our honest recommendation]

A domain and hosting are indispensable elements of the website. They are responsible for the website address and database storage. The website cannot function without them. Here is where our recommendation on where to buy domain and hosting.

Domain for WordPress

There are many providers where you can buy a domain. The domain is a chosen name for your website/blog/online business. It could be simple, unique, and short. For example: “astratic.com” sounds way better than “neurawordpresstheme.com”. But, of course, it is a matter of opinion 😉

Before buying a domain for your website check:

  • if it can be found somewhere in an online world
  • if it isn’t the title of a book, film, etc
  • if it wasn’t already used*

*Sometimes domain names are used for websites that are already inactive (the last blog post was created 5 years ago). You can check who is the owner and agree to transfer the domain to you. To do so use a global base who.is.

WordPress hosting

Hosting is otherwise a lease of disk space and some associated resources on a specially configured server connected to the Internet. Servers are responsible for the maintenance of websites and the functioning of e-mail and ensuring the continuity of their activities for Internet users.

In plain words: hosting is a cloud space where your website files and database are stored.

What you should take into consideration while choosing a hosting provider?

As you will quickly notice, there are plenty of hosting providers with different price lists. Which one to choose? Here are important elements to consider:

  • support
    It doesn’t matter if you are technically savvy or not – technical support is crucial in any kind of website-connected services. There will be a lot of questions. Sometimes providers offer cheap basic plans with an expensive premium option. It is a little bit tricky. If there is a middle option with support an acceptable price – it is the best to choose.
  • recommendations
    Don’t trust ads or offers. Before buying – check recommendations, opinions, and rankings on the Internet. Unfortunately, there are a lot of frauds. We don’t want you to become a victim of those.
  • price
    It is an important element. You need to set a reasonable budget and stick to it. Please note, that some providers offer yearly plans that are much cheaper than monthly fees. Please calculate it!
  • available domain
    Most hosting providers offer also a domain (that can be added for free when you buy a hosting plan). It is worth checking and if possible save some money 😉
  • the trust (trial period)
    The most trusted providers offer a trial (free) period when you can test a particular service. If you are not sure if this solution will be suitable for you – it is worth trying.

We have two reliable hosting providers to recommend. For Polish clients dhosting and for global clients Site Ground.

Do you have further questions? Let us know in a comment below!

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