Astratic Trademark Guidelines

The Astratic Trademark Usage Guidelines (the “Guidelines”) describe the approved use of Astratic’s trademarks, brand names, trade names, service marks, service names, domain names, and logos (collectively referred to as “Astratic Trademarks”). These Guidelines have been established to achieve the following objectives: facilitate the utilization of Astratic Trademarks for community-focused initiatives in a way that promotes and enhances Astratic.

For the purposes of these Guidelines, “Community-Oriented Effort” refers to a non-profit project or gathering designed to support the adoption of Astratic or its software.

If you want to use the Astratic name for a commercial project, please contact us as outlined below. We aim to clarify how Community-Oriented Efforts can or cannot use Astratic Trademarks. We also seek to prevent the misuse of Astratic Trademarks for unfair profit or to deceive or mislead individuals searching for official Astratic resources.

By agreeing to these Guidelines, you acknowledge that we are the sole and exclusive owners of the Astratic Trademarks and that we retain all intellectual property rights related to the Astratic Trademarks and any associated goodwill. Any goodwill generated by your usage of Astratic Trademarks will exclusively benefit us.

At no point should you dispute, challenge, support, or aid others in disputing the validity or ownership of any Astratic Trademarks, nor engage in any actions that undermine our rights to them. This includes but is not limited to, attempting to register any trademark, trade name, or other designation that is confusingly similar in any way to the Astratic Trademarks.


Astratic grants a limited license to use its trademarks for community projects provided that the project is not portrayed as affiliated with Astratic. The use of Astratic’s trademarks should follow the guidelines and instructions provided by Astratic and must be a part of a community-oriented effort. It is not enough to simply state that the project is not affiliated with Astratic in the footer; misleading practices like using a domain name that includes “Astratic” or using the Astratic logo as the project’s logo are not allowed.

Subject to the terms and conditions hereunder, we grant to you a limited, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, non-transferable, revocable license to use and display Astratic Trademarks, solely in accordance with these Guidelines and other written instructions provided by us from time to time, and solely as a part of a Community Oriented Effort.


To avoid confusion, please follow these restrictions regarding your use of Astratic-related content: (1) Do not suggest that you are affiliated with Astratic; (2) Make sure that your project is sufficiently different from Astratic’s software, so it’s not just a copy or a redistribution; (3) Don’t use Astratic’s trademarks in a way that implies endorsement or sponsorship of your project, products, or services; (4) If you create a support forum for Astratic, make it clear that it’s not an official forum but rather a third-party one; (5) You can use Astratic’s trademark colors for your website’s branding, but don’t make it look like your site is an official Astratic site; and (6) Don’t engage in any deceptive practices that may mislead people into thinking that your website is an official Astratic site, such as using similar domain names or logos.


Any benefits arising from the use of Astratic Trademarks shall be exclusively for Astratic. The Astratic Trademarks can only be displayed in the exact format provided by us and cannot be altered in any way, such as changing the color, proportion, or font of Astratic. Additionally, no elements can be added to or removed from the Astratic Trademarks. The Astratic Trademarks should not be placed on any background that obstructs their readability or display.

Astratic Trademarks cannot be used in conjunction with any unlawful, defamatory, harassing, offensive, indecent, pornographic, abusive, discriminatory, fraudulent, threatening, or vulgar content, as determined by Astratic in their reasonable discretion or which harms or may harm the goodwill of Astratic. The aforementioned prohibited uses are not an exhaustive list.

Unless expressly authorized in writing by us, the use of Astratic Trademarks as part of a domain name or top-level domain name is strictly prohibited. Any prior consent granted by Astratic can be withdrawn at any time.

Don’t Advertise

Avoid employing Astratic trademarks in keyword advertisements. We prohibit the utilization of Astratic Trademarks in promotional materials, encompassing Google Ads and additional search engine platforms.


Utilizing any Astratic Trademarks is solely at your discretion and risk. The allowed uses provided by Astratic Trademarks are offered “AS-IS,” with no guarantees of any kind, including (but not limited to) warranties of title and non-infringement. You agree to protect, indemnify, and absolve Astratic and its affiliates, as well as their respective officers, directors, employees, and agents, from any claims, damages, responsibilities, losses, liabilities, costs, and expenditures (such as attorney’s fees) that may arise from your use of the Astratic Trademarks. 

Without diminishing or waiving your duties under this section, the Astratic owner retains the right (at your expense) to take on the exclusive defense and management of any issue requiring indemnification from you, although it is not obliged to do so if you opt not to defend or resolve the matter. You consent not to settle any issue for which you are required to provide indemnification without first obtaining our explicit consent.


We have the authority to modify these Guidelines at any point in time, solely at our own discretion, and with immediate effect.


In the event that we discover that you are not adhering to this policy, we may expel you from our affiliates program right away and employ all legal means within our capability to put an end to your activity, which may include the suspension, termination, or deactivation of your account. We hold the right to take suitable measures against any unauthorized use or use that does not comply with these Guidelines, as determined at our sole discretion.


Before using the Astratic brand, trademark, or logo for any commercial purpose, it is important to obtain our permission. In case of uncertainty regarding the usage of the Astratic name or logo, please contact us to seek clarification. This requirement is applicable if you intend to incorporate Astratic trademarks into your conference, website, group, or other logos or if you plan to sell physical products such as T-shirts, cups, sweaters, print stickers, etc.

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